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Drinking The Oracle Kool-Aid

[Photo Credit: Chronicle/Mike Kepka]

Once upon a time, oracles were smelly old women who poked at steaming warm animal entrails to figure out the future. Now, we have no idea, except that they've gone all crisp red and white and are currently encamped in the Moscone/Yerba Buena area.

42,000 are expected to come and worship here over the next few days, and a food tent has been erected in (not next to. In) Howard Street to feed the throngs of supplicants. No outsourcing here. We're getting various early reports of stale croissants this morning, but expectations run high at the zeppole stands, and people are lining up early to chow down on Larry's foot-longs, no doubt.
· Oracle Seizes Howard Street [SF Gate]