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Very Brown and on Broderick

Broderick Place seems about ready to move into, although there's not been much of a push to sell units (the sales office is at 215 King Street, the meaning of which we choose not to parse.) Good looking, better than most of the vernacular infill we see going in. Very much in the brown-shingle Berkeley mode with peaked gables, dormers, string courses, and arranged above a ginormous stucco retail base and garage it would fit in comfortably on Shattuck Avenue. Instead, it fits in on Broderick Street, stretching from Oak to Fell with a corner notched out by a B of A building. Westward views over the vast DMV parking lot into the Panhandle.

DeLessio Market is poised to open on the Broderick Street side (say a few Hail Marys that it stay open late) along with a mid-block Peets. We expect the usual "sold-out" banners to go up any day. Meaning sold to a holding company and rented out. Rents are up, remember? No indication of BMR units online, if any, but of course the usual bullshit about pre-approval and realtor registration. Something's inherently askew when the seller knows how much the buyer is worth before the negotiations begin.
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