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Voting for Preserving

Remember the awesome idea, run by American Express and the National Trust, of offering up 25 Bay Area landmarks in an American Idol type contest to see which will win the $1 million? Well Metropolis magazine has taken it upon themselves to educate the masses (or the urbanistas, at least) to promote the "dark horses." Seriously, lighthouses get so much play, and the neon signs of the TL are in the dark, literally.

Among Metropolis' recommendations for voting "YES"- Oakland's Fox Theater, Tenderloin Facade and Neon Sign Improvement, and "NO"- anything in Berkeley ("These are important cultural landmarks and they definitely deserve to be buffed to their previous glory, but Berkeley, you are the ultimate public-involvement city, and you’ve got some of the highest property values in the Bay. We have no doubt you can find the necessary funding within your own borders."), Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley ("Lovely old buildings, you host weddings, corporate events, and film shoots—which means you already have a serious income stream at your disposal. Work it.").
· Virtual Preservation [Metropolis Magazine]