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Curbed SF's Haunted Houses: Ghosts of Radical Ideology Past

[Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Flickr]

Julie's Supper Club is apparently defunct, but the building remains, and as of this morning's drive-by, unchanged. And so it's our "haunted" house of the day. Haunted by the shadow of the Symbionese Liberation Army and the previously-slender blonde now known as Mrs. Bernard Shaw of Darien, CT. Legend has it that Patty was held in a flat on the second floor. Another legend says it was the basement. Maybe it was both. Who knows? Tanya's not saying much on the subject. But every so often, she forgets it all and wears white shoes after Labor Day.
[Update: Our favorite SoMa bar trash informs us that reports of Julie's Supper Club's demise may be premature. Or just risen from the Dead?-Ed.]