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Curbed SF's Haunted Houses: Devilled Details

With Halloween almost upon us, we thought we'd have a look at some scary locations around town. What could be more scary than a follow-up on the home of the late satanist Anton LeVey at 6114 California? We can't be bothered figuring out the trail of ownership- we had enough trouble with the Da Vinci Code, thank you- but the property's been in the hands of developers since 1993 and Mister Satan's original all-black Victorian was demolished in 2001.

Right now, no pentagrams, no black roses or votives (so far.) Instead we get a stalled construction job. We know it takes a while to get things built in San Francisco, even stuff as devilishly banal as this. The project was recently halted when neighbors complained of an illegal 5th story reaching towards the divine. Damn the neighbors! Currently in Department of Buildings Inspection Purgatory.
· End is Near for Ex-Devil Church (3/22/02) [SF Gate]