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Glen Park: Tapioca, Pizza

From our intrepid friend in Glen Park, good news for those of us who travel for food:

Was at a neighborhood meeting the other night, and Supervisor Bevan Dufty said Canyon Market is opening Nov. 1. You can bet I'll let you know if that happens. The boards are still up around the store, but there also posters up
about hiring. We're also expecting the opening of Eggettes, a tapioca/Chinese snack place on Diamond, in the old Dr. Video spot. The guy who owns Lime (and those other restaurants with color names) is opening a so-called gourmet pizza joint in a former crap pizza joint. And there's a French bistro that's allegedly going into a former bar called Red Rock, but I haven't noticed any construction there.

A local business owner claims he's opening a sushi place in the hood, but I'm beyond skeptical.

And just think, you can take BART there. Hey it's only been what, eight years since the old market burned down? But the big questions remain. How many of the thirteen market-rate condos have been sold, and will Bevan be working full-time in the cheese department at Canyon Ranch?