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Disco Era Discreet

Remember Post-Modern? Not novelists, silly- back in the 80's when architects wielded classical references and then went off to Yale to teach. Except for Robert A.M. Stern, who went off to reincarnate himself as McKim, Mead & White and become the Dean of Architecture at Yale.

Not a lot of PoMo goin' down here in San Francisco, unless the references were Victorian, of course, but here's a late-disco-era survivor in Pacific Heights. We don't know who the architect was, but he/she threw some restrained pyramids at the simple, columnar facade. And grabbed some clear-finished maple grids from Gae Aulenti's Musee d'Orsay for the interior. Nice garden, and we won't argue with those marble his n' his baths, either. $3,850,000, on the market about four weeks. Which is about how long those pyramids will last after someone buys it.

· 2828 Jackson Street [Bernadette LaMothe, Sotheby's]
· Gae Aulenti [Great Buildings Online]

[Update: A tipster advises us that the architect is David Hale. Among his projects are his own house at Baker and Pine, and the pair of houses at the corner of Scott & Sutter. Thanks! -Ed.]