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Feel the Joy at Nordstrom's, plus Two New Blogs

Westfield Centre: From a neighbor who works at Nordstrom's. The ripple effect (better than fallout, don't you think?) from the newly adjacent Westfield Mall is knocking them out. Apparently sales had been up as much as 200% on some days last week. The poor dear came home shattered, exhausted and thrilled. Realtors aren't the only ones on commission.

New Blogs: Check out Haight Your Life for tasty morsels of the Upper Haight quotidien. And Greenerati, from the "Green Realtor" Keith Rockmael. He's got the new Orchard Garden covered, but we're waiting for him to expose LEED offsets at Arterra. Oh, maybe that's our job.
Haight Your Life [Haightyourlife]
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