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Monday Afternoon Update

Curbed SF (and the rest of San Francisco) showed up for the open house at our homegrown bit of Hollywood Regency. It was so packed we couldn't get a good shot of the retractable skylite or the koi ponds. Lots of reasons for the crowd: it's a street everyone wants to live on, there are no houses for sale in the neighborhood, and as one woman pointed out, it's a lot cheaper as a tear-down at $1.595M than the vacant lot around the corner for sale at$1.8M.

For more chrome yellow shag carpeting and white terrazzo floors:

Aside from tallying up about $500K in immediate renovations, the place had not been cleaned out and staged. CoCo (our co-conspirator) counted eleven whale-size fish tanks. Trash was tumbling out of closets. The sunken tub had been turned into an orchid hospice, on boards jammed up against the gold-plated fixtures. A number of neighbors showed up, inlcuding a pack of elegant older women in twin-sets and pearls who remembered when the house was built in 1970.


Bling! Yes, that's mold streaking the wallpaper.

The back alley, with the much-coveted four car garage. The sunken tub affair is behind the narrow vertical panels on the right. Yes, that's mold patinating the garage door.

Who wouldn't want to live here? The rest of 24th Street, looking north.