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Will he do for Architecture what he did for Same Sex Marriage?

Mayor Gavin Newsom has announced his newest interest, the state of ARCHITECTURE in San Francisco. Although one suspects this came from too many lunches with HRH Prince Charles last month, or too much time hanging with Dede Wilsey, the linked artlicle points out there's not much the poor guy can do to improve the quality of architecture in a town where anyone can stop a project by petitioning the Board of Supervisors. Or with building inspectors who've stopped the Rincon Towers, ostensibly for seismic reasons (due diligence!) but probably they're just pouting- some of their staff are under indictment for soliciting bribes.

Lest we forget, this is the town that Rem Koolhaas could not get a Prada store built.

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? Mayor Widens Vision to Architecture [SF Chronicle]