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Looking Back: $65M and the most expensive listing in California

Still for sale and still the most expensive listing in California: Locksley Hall, home to copper and gold mine magnate Robert "Toxic Bob" Friedland, and represented by the still-fabulous Olivia Hsu Decker. At least it's still on her website.

Mongolia, Burma and the Mills Act after the jump.

If you believe everything on the Interweb, Toxic Bob is currently in bed with the Burmese Junta and laying waste to Mongolia and currently residing in Singapore.

The Mills Act is not a boy band, it's a federal/state/county program of tax credits to save historic districts and structures. The Friedland house is a reconstruction of a late 19th century one with Julia Morgan details and deemed historic, so Friedland was able to deduct the entire cost of renovation dollar-for-dollar up to 20% of his income over the years the house was under renovation. Additionally, the house has a ten-year property tax abatement which new owners can transfer.

No info on how much property, although the house is cited at 10K square feet or $6500 per square foot.

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