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The Last $5.3M Spec House?

In September, this spec house designed by Ogrydziak/Prillinger sold for 50K under its asking price for $5.3M. It had taken four years to design, permit and build but went from offer to close in seventeen days. It was bought by a man who'd been beaten about by various failed dot-coms, only to finally cash in after a few years at Google. Increasingly realtors are using the term Google Money.

The house had been featured on the local AIA tour that month:
"The only project not done with a specific client's needs in mind (builder Kevin Webb plans to put the place on the market for $5 million plus in the coming weeks) it replaced a small house with small windows and a cracked foundation with a sprawling, 5,700-square-foot "stealth structure" of steel, glass, marble and exotic woods that has four bedrooms, four full baths, two half baths and four major terraces overlooking the city skyline."

Pictures at here. Click on the "final completion" link below the T-House thumbnail.

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