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Tuesday Morning Linkage

With incomparable editorial telepathy, the Chronicle has two stories of urgent interest to Curbed SF readers: a piece about the toll exacted on hotel housekeepers by the latest bed fashions, and a new-ish restaurant and bar, Supperclub, where the dining happens in bed and the waiters are a. hirsute and b. may wear tutus.

Battle of the Beds is the story of housekeepers who struggle to keep it all together and still clean the toilets, but the heavier mattresses and duvets are causing wrist, elbow and back injuries. The sheer number of high-thread-counts items is staggering, says Nancy Shark of the Better Sleep Council "you're likely to find a thick king-size mattress covered with no fewer than 20 components, including six pillows, a bolster, a skirt, a comforter, its cover and a "scarf" to add color."

Bed scarf? Who knew. The only thing better than catching hotel guests with stolen duvets? Having them order online,


Supperclub the Amsterdam dining club, recently opened a branch in San Francisco coincidentally within walking distance of the W, St Regis, Four Seasons and Marriot Hotels, so one is never too far from a plumped-up pillow or bed tray. Where every evening is a manifestation of Tranny Performance Art triumphing over cuisine. Not to be missed: the club's entertainment director Kennedy's Sunday night party Bitchslap. Supperclub's icy cool interior is rare for San Francisco. although themed servers are not- think Delfina's hot Mission chicks, Zuni's stoned gays. Typical clueless review from str8 Michael Bauer.

From Gridskipper: a new exhibition at the Legion of Honor, After the Ruins, 1906 and 2006: Rephotographing the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. A then-and-now series of photographs by Mark Klett.

From Socket Site more linkage to real estate forecasts- meekly moderate from Wells Fargo, and gloom! doom from Fortune.

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