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From Skid Row to St. Regis in 40 Years

Reporting on SOM's new St. Regis Tower, The Chronicle's John King writes that the building

... embodies Third Street's slow metamorphosis from the Skid Row of the 1950s into the artsy Yerba Buena area of today, a redevelopment district that bulldozed much of the landscape in the 1960s and then stalled for decades.

It's true. The project started in 1966 and is expected to finish in this decade.

With 102 condominiums 260 hotel rooms, St. Regis employs the latest business model for hotels, developing both luxury residences and transient accommodations. Slotted in along the side is the Museum of the African Diaspora, one of three museums, along with the Jewish (Liebeskind!) and Mexican (Legorreta!), that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency included in the Yerba Buena project. The St. Regis is across an alley from the SF MOMA and diagonally across from Yerba Buena Gardens.

The building? We've been watching it go up for months now, and the final result is a strikingly elegant addition to the skyline, and the streetscape elements, especially the fountain, make it a pleasure to walk by.

And we're all about excessive alcohol consumption in the Yabu Pushelberg bar.

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