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Monday Morning Price Chopper Saves You 100K

Architect takes a crappy 60's spec home, gives it the loft-style once-over. And apparently overprices it. One month on the market and it's down a $100K from $1,695,000, while a few months ago you could sell an empty tissue box with multiple bids

After the jump, more thrills and spills

· 79 Clarendon [B.J. Droubi & Co]

Thrills: Beautiful detailing and drywall, awesome kitchen with top appliances, immense garage.

Spills: a "court" yard rather than "back" yard facing a 30-foot almost vertical slope. The best view in the house is from the master bedroom, if you're actually in bed. Bathrooms having a "what were they thinking?" moment.

Today's Lesson: In SF, houses on the wrong side of view streets sell at a discount, not a premium.