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Price Chopper SF: Just Over 1K PSF and Dropping

Now at $2,275,000 and down 120K from last week, I could swear this swank bit of Russian Hill was originally listed in September at $2,995,000. It's big but vertical, no outdoor space (except for the fire escape, which they're not so brazen as to include as a "balcony.") And while the bathrooms are totally sexy, there are places in the rest of the house to fall, go bump, or generally cause flesh wounds. Perhaps not for a family. It belongs to a celebrity chef who doesn't seem to be in town much anymore. The furnishings, included in the price, are very loungey, no?

Pro: Two parking spaces! Audio System! Chef's Kitchen!

Drag; It's only a half-block from the infamous Crooked Street which every yahoo tourist seems to want to drive down. Weekends the streets are clogged with SUVs and rental cars spewing exhaust waiting their turn, while their fellow-travellers wait at the bottom of the hill with cameras. Not great if you're in a hurry to get home and pee.


Flickr Photo Credit: Rev Dave, who commented: there was an apartment for rent on this street - 1br $3200 a month. but it had a roof deck so I guess it's okay. Not to mention all the assholes driving up and down your street every day.