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Hikes in the Bay Area with waterfall endings

From Golden Gate Park to the beaches of Point Reyes.

San Francisco air quality goes bad again

But don’t panic—it’ll pass.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

New SF City Hall employee has one goal: To approve housing

Director of housing delivery tasked with delivering 5,000 new homes each year.

6 new ski hotels to enjoy this winter

This year’s class of hotels is an impressive group, from the long-awaited opening of the new Snowmass Base Village in Colorado to an affordable, boutique option in British Columbia.

Ford GoBike more than triples its SF electric bike fleet today

The company also added electronic bikes to Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and San Jose.

Curbed Cup has been retired, but tell us why your neighborhood is great

After eight tournaments, it’s time to move on—and accentuate the positives.

How San Francisco neighborhoods got their names

An almost definitive etymological guide.

SF millennials won’t be able to buy a home for 20 years, says survey

Sure hope your rent isn’t too high in the meantime.

SF supervisors seek to stop illegal home demolition

Lawmakers reveal the Housing Preservation and Expansion Reform Act.

PG&E reports damaged equipment, downed line near start of Camp Fire

Power line went down just 15 minutes before beginning of burn.

Peek inside historic Victorian mansion that reopened as hotel and restaurant

Pre-quake Payne Mansion dates to 1881.

Despite years of opposition, Brisbane Baylands housing plan wins in landslide

Baylands still a long way from actual construction.

Answers on Transbay Transit Center fracture problem expected in January

"We can’t put a timeline on it at this point."

Why voice assistants don’t understand people who stutter

Whether it’s relaying your name to a non-human operator or telling Google to turn up the lights in your home, we’re talking to more robots—but the technology is leaving people who stutter behind.

Activists read aloud names of Camp Fire victims in the lobby of SF PG&E building

85 people died during California’s deadliest wildfire.

What $5,300 rents in San Francisco right now

Five new rentals, from the Castro to the Outer Richmond—which home would you choose?

Ahoy: Sausalito houseboat seeks $1.4M

By the sea—wouldn’t that be smashing?

Oakland to sue the Raiders [Updated]

City alleges the football franchise of bullying, extorting Oaktown over threat to move.

Senate bill pledges to shelter everyone in California


Guide to San Francisco’s best public art installations

Take a second look at some of the city’s best public works.

Historic ski chalet on last large parcel in Squaw Valley asks $15M

The founding family of Squaw Valley Resort has listed a 30-acre property within walking distance of the ski lifts.

Lower Pac Heights Victorian asks $5.2M

Comes with views of Cottage Row.

Despite semi-cancelation, SantaCon SF draws crowd

City Hall disapproval may have depressed turnout this year, but organizers say SantaCon must go on.

City officially changes street name to Frida Kahlo Way

Name of racist ex-mayor’s family replaced.

Fourth week of rain forecast for SF

Most recent storms playing coy with the Bay Area.

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The best ice skating rinks in the Bay Area, mapped

Cool spots for holiday cheer.

SF sues wealthy investors, alleges affordable-home scam

"The city’s affordable housing program is not an investment scheme to be manipulated by would-be real estate moguls looking to profit off the housing crisis."

Stinson Beach home asks $5.9M

Backyard comes with the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Where to see fall foliage in the Bay Area

While we’ll never be as showy as New England, we do have some choice spots to see fall in all of its glory.

What $2,400 rents in San Francisco right now 

Five new rentals, from Portola to the Haight—which pad would you choose?

What kinds of living situations do tech people consider?

Tiny apartments, upscale hacker houses, and high-rises—here’s how tech workers find a place in SF to call home.

Muni service drags because of poor driver pay, says analyst

"We’re not even paying them enough to qualify for affordable housing."

City passes plan for new homes and development in SoMa

"This is the biggest area plan the city has passed," said Supervisor Jane Kim.

San Francisco rents close 2018 by rising—again

While the city’s housing market slowed a bit this year, it hasn’t stalled rent growth.

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The most beautiful Bay Area libraries, mapped

Take a closer look at these bibliophilic beauties.

Southern California politician wants constitutional amendment to kill high-speed rail

Carl DeMaio is set to start collecting signatures for 2020.

SFMTA considers new bus yard with housing

Potentially game-changing idea up for debate at public workshops.

Valencia Street to get protected bike lanes

"Parking-protected bikeway will improve safety by providing a physical barrier between bikes and moving traffic."

What $3,700 rents in San Francisco right now 

Five new rentals, from the Sunset to the East Cut—which home would you choose?