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Berkeley votes to rename manholes gender-neutral ‘maintenanceholes’

Unanimous vote will amend city code terms.

SF does not have the highest rents in the Bay Area

Menlo Park and Palo Alto beat SF when it comes to stratospheric rents.

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The magical (postmodern) world of Disney

How major architects of the 1980s and early 1990s brought a new fantastic point of view to the Walt Disney Company’s buildings

Trying to build a better BART map

Turns out it’s harder than you think.

What $6,000 rents you in SF right now 

Five new luxury rentals, from Rincon Hill to Pac Heights.

Unraveling the rent control conspiracy around Aaron Peskin

A blogger accuses SF supervisor of profiting from the demolition of rent-controlled homes—city inspectors say otherwise.

How to celebrate the moon landing anniversary in the Bay Area

Getting to these places takes a bit more than one small step, but it’s worth it.

1906 Ross home designed by John White asks $16.9M

Lavish abode underwent $7 million renovation.

SF proposes Balboa Park parking lot for homeless living out of vehicles

Following in the footsteps of Oakland, and other California cities like San Diego, LA, and Santa Barbara.

Burning Man organizers order Burners to clean up their act

"We’re simply not doing a good enough job disposing of our trash," said Black Rock City honchos.

Woodside A-frame home with bomb shelter asks $3.45M

Two holdovers from the 20th century demand a distinctly 21st century price.

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Our favorite California wine country houses

Full-bodied, earthy, and sparkling homes from our weekly original series, House Calls.

Watch skaters use Dolores Street as a giant ramp

More San Francisco than "hella" and sourdough bread.

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Where to swim in the Bay Area for under $10

From rope swinging into Bass Lake to taking a dip in the Contra Loma swim lagoon, these are the best—and cheapest—places to swim in the Bay Area.

Town destroyed by PG&E fire loses 92 percent of its population

Governor reclassifies Paradise a "rural area" after Camp Fire.

San Francisco apartments are shrinking in size

But the city’s diminishing apartment size isn’t the smallest in the nation.

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San Francisco’s high-rise boom, mapped

Here are the buildings poised to change the city’s skyline for good.

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Starcourt Mall from ‘Stranger Things’ is actually a real dead mall

The set designers had to rebuild an entire section of the mall from scratch.

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The most beautiful Bay Area libraries

Take a closer look at these bibliophilic beauties.

What $2,400 rents you in SF right now 

Five new rentals, from the Tenderloin to the Sunset.

Federal government tinkering with plan to poison Farallon Islands

"This highly toxic rodenticide, it’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on this island."

South Beach residents sue to stop Embarcadero homeless center

"It is a moral imperative of our government and its leaders to afford due process to residents, families, children, and businesses in this neighborhood."

SF median house price hits $1.7 million

Meanwhile, Vallejo remains the Bay Area’s most affordable region.

Cole Valley firehouse turned condo seeks $2.4M

Ring the alarm.

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The 21 most essential San Francisco hotels

Check into one of these stylish lodgings.

Architecturally stunning Pacifica Taco Bell remodeled

"The world’s most beautiful Taco Bell."

SF wants $600 million housing bond for 2,800 homes

Two-thirds of voters must approve borrowing plan in off-year election.

An abridged history of the Transbay Transit Center over the years

A look back at eight decades of San Francisco’s fantastic—and frustrating—public transit leviathan.

What $3,000 rents you in SF right now 

Five new rentals, from Dogpatch to Bernal Heights.

Top-floor loft inside the Clocktower asks $1.35M

Circa-1907 building was once home of the Schmidt Lithograph Corporation.

Over 500 artists and academics protest SF mural destruction

School district’s vote called "wrong-headed approach to art and to history."

What capping rents would do to Bay Area cities

David Chiu’s anti-rent gouging bill would not affect most landlords, says study.

San Francisco homeless count reaches more than 9,700

Job loss and rent prices driving swell in homelessness.

Cliffside home in Monterey asks $16 million

Designed by Gregory Ain.

Court rules SF can tax businesses for homeless funds

"No convincing evidence" that city needs supermajority for Prop. C.

There’s a 72 percent chance of a major Bay Area quake by 2043

Treat every quake as if it’s the Big One.

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8 Frank Lloyd Wright designs named World Heritage Sites, rare honor for modern architecture

Rare designation honors work of American architect and its "outstanding universal value" to all humanity.

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Bay Area towns you need to visit right now

Plan a day or weekend trip to one of these tiny destinations—and leave city life behind.

How to ride Muni like a pro

Where to sit and stand, how to load your Clipper Card, and the best apps.