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We want to hear your homebuying story

Curbed is seeking the stories of first-time homebuyers across the country.

Why are San Jose NIMBYs trying to block this beautiful Buddhist temple?

Some people in Evergreen fret that Cambodian sect will create noise and traffic, but temple members promise meditative peace.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Incredibly expensive Lumina penthouses slash prices yet again

Two very upscale condos were once one.

27 facts about cable cars, SF’s moving national landmark

For Cable Car Day, here’s a look at the driving force that has kept the cables turning for nearly 150 years.

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How to pick a neighborhood in SF

Nine things to consider before choosing a ’hood in the city.

It’s now illegal in California for landlords to turn down housing vouchers

But hundreds of Bay Area property owners are flouting the new law.

Holy smokes, this SoMa studio asks only $399,000

It’s located at Natoma and Sixth.

Soaring Van Ness high-rise delayed yet again

400 homes are ready to start construction, but the developer wants to wait another two years.

Yes, this study found that new housing drives down nearby rents

But there’s a catch when it comes to SF.

What $4,500 rents you in SF right now

Five new rentals, from the Haight to Millennium Tower.

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130 Bush—the original skinny legend

While San Francisco has its fair share of iconic buildings, one high-rise has garnered a well-deserved cult following.

Location for San Francisco’s newest Navigation Center proposal announced

It will be two blocks away from another one.

A dozen more streets face SF’s new empty storefront penalty

If voters back plan to penalize vacant stores in March, landlords in 12 additional districts face fines after this week.

Lone Mountain Spanish-Med seeks $2.07M

It comes with colorful 1930s-era tiled bathrooms.

How to file a noise or off-hours construction complaint in San Francisco

What to do if crews disturb your sleep.

This Sausalito houseboat is downright adorable

It comes with exposed beams and a vaulted ceiling.

Homeless moms occupying Oakland house removed in late-night raid

Mothers say the law values property over people; property owner says "justice is served."

East Bay lawmakers desperate to buy gorgeous $72M ranch

Many hope the 80,000-square-foot property, for sale for the first time in nearly a century, will become California’s newest state park.

State could sue SF, other cities over homelessness under new plan

Governor’s task force wants to amend the constitution to put cities in the hot seat over crisis.

13 fascinating facts you didn’t know about Golden Gate Park

Coyotes and bison live here.

Tech IPOs didn’t destroy Bay Area housing after all

Come out of the bunkers, it’s safe now.

Palo Alto mayors talk about everything that’s wrong with Bay Area housing

"You can’t have a functional community comprised only of software engineers and patent attorneys."

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The homes and garages where the biggest tech companies got their starts

See the humble beginnings of Apple, Facebook, Uber, and more.

Maybe underground ‘sleeping pods’ in the Mission aren’t a bad idea after all?

Don’t pooh-pooh the pupae-living spaces just yet.

Assemblymember David Chiu wants to tax vacant homes for homeless funding

"While thousands of Californians sleep on our streets every night, it makes little sense for the state to subsidize the wealthy’s ability to own two homes."

SF’s new fourth-tallest building tantalizingly closer to reality

Chinatown opposition to Howard Street high-rise evaporates.

What $2,700 rents you in SF right now

Five new rentals—which one would you choose?

The San Francisco renters’ guide

Everything you need to know about renting in SF.

Newsom claims homelessness will be his top priority in 2020

It’s an issue he couldn’t fix while mayor of SF.

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San Francisco landmarks you’ve never heard of before

In this town, even comic strip characters are invested in preserving our historic assets.

11 fascinating facts you didn’t know about the Painted Ladies

Lovely ladies, ready for the call.

One of Alamo Square’s famous Painted Ladies is for sale

As seen on "Full House" and countless postcards.

Here’s what the giant 150-foot ferris wheel coming to Golden Gate Park will look like

Rides will cost $18.

Laurel Heights group wants to block UCSF housing development

As usual, a lawsuit ensues.

Can San Francisco be fixed?

Local journalists, policy influencers and activists, and a tech CEO weigh in on whether or not SF could be brought back to the utopian state that probably never existed in the first place.

Inner Mission apartment inside 1889 Victorian seeks $1.69M

It comes with period details galore.

What $3,300 rents you in SF right now

Five new rentals, from Rincon Hill to Glen Park.

SF should just give homes to the homeless, says new poll

More than three-quarters of those surveyed support housing vouchers as the most effective solution.

Scott Wiener tries to save transit-housing bill with major makeover

State senator gives SB 50 one more shot.